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December 20, 2018



This Sunday

This Sunday is the Fourth Sunday of Advent. The scripture reading is Micah 5:2-5a and Pastor Bob's sermon is "Hope."

Community Singers Present "The Longest Night"

Coming up on Friday, December 21 at 7:30 pm at St. John Lutheran Church in Stroudsburg. A Winter Service of Hope and Healing by Joseph M. Martin. "The Longest Night" is a unique winter service that encourages those going through times of sorrow and grief during the holidays. Inspired by the solstice, winter's longest night, this service of music, scripture and prayer brings light into the darkness and offers hope to those in deepest need. Directed by Bob Riday. For more information, please contact Krista Montgomery at 570-460-0307(cell: voice/text) or

Christmas Eve Services

Candlelight Service at 7:30pm; Candlelight Service with Communion at 11:00pm.


Weekly sermons at SUMC

Do you enjoy listening to the weekly sermons here at SUMC? Would you like to listen to them even when you are on vacation or out of town? Well, we do have all the sermons available for you to listen to and they are typically posted to our church website each Sunday. And if you have an iPod or iPad, you can subscribe to the sermons so they will automatically be downloaded to your device for easy listening! To sign up for the automatic feed, go to our sermon page: and then click on the iTunes logo. This will connect you to our iTunes page where you can listen to the sermons or view them in iTunes where you can sign up for the automatic feed. Share this link with your friends and family members. We hope you enjoy this way of staying connected to our sermons here at SUMC.

Prayer Mail Boxes

Prayer mail boxes have been placed near the front steps of the church and also at the back of the church on Ann Street. The purpose is to have anyone drop a prayer request in either of the boxes. These requests can be anonymous or with a first name only, the locked section of the mail box will provide privacy. These requests will be gathered daily and a prayer minister will pray over them. We are needing more prayer ministers, so pray about you becoming one. Training will be offered. Call the church office or contact JoAnn Calkins at or 570-402-1210.

Sunday School Teachers are Needed!

We are desperately in need of Sunday School teachers. Please prayerfully consider volunteering and contact Jeff Weber if you can help. Thank you!

Our Special Person of the Week:

Joe Woolsey, Spring Village at Pocono, 329 East Brown Street, Apt. 334, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Please remember him in prayer and if possible, please send a card.

Sanctuary Open for Prayer

The church sanctuary is open to the public for prayer and/or quiet reflection on Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm. You are invited to take advantage of this time if you are in town during the week, and please let your friends know also. Years ago churches were open during the week for anyone to wander in to pray, however now, because of safety concerns, most churches stay locked. We would like the community to know we are an active and "alive" church and offer this opportunity to anyone who needs a quiet space, even if it is only for one hour a week. Please share with your friends and family

Memorial Tree Leaves

We are still taking orders for memorial tree leaves. So far we have a total of 49 leaves on our Memorial Tree. Each leaf costs $25.00 and will be imprinted with the name and year of your choice. Pet names can be added, too! Order forms are in the back of the sanctuary. Please make your check payable to SUMC and note for "Memorial Tree Leaf" in the memo portion. Completed order forms and payment may be left in the box outside Jackie's office or placed in the offering plate. Please contact the church office with any questions. Proceeds from the sale of memorial leaves will be put toward the remaining bell tower repair bill. Thank you!

2019 Calendar and Altar Flower Chart

The 2019 calendar is up outside the conference room. Please make sure your meetings, events, etc., are listed so they can be included in the weekly bulletin schedule and on the church calendar online. The 2019 Altar Flower Chart is up in the Fellowship Room. Please consider purchasing flowers in memory of or in honor of someone or a special event. Two vases are $33.50. Don't forget to note whether you will take the flowers or you would like them to be delivered to one of our shut-ins. Questions - call the church office. Thank you.

2019 Offering Envelopes

The 2019 offering envelopes will be available on Sunday, 12/23 in the Fellowship Room. It would be appreciated if you can deliver a box to a friend or neighbor that cannot make it to church.

January Second Saturday Supper

January 12 at 5:30pm. The program will be the 2018 Mission Trip to Philippi, West Virginia. To help us plan, please sign up at the back of the sanctuary or please call the church office.



Small Groups

Do you belong to a Small Group? If not, you really should seriously consider doing so. There are a variety of opportunities available which you can see on our website. You will be able to see a brief description of each Small Group, view when and where they meet, and see if there are openings to join the groups. Check out our active Small Groups and consider joining one of them. Alternatively, do you have a passion or interest? Then maybe you can start a brand new Small Group. Contact JoAnn Calkins or Pastor Bob for more information.

Stitch & Pray Small Group

This group is for beginner and experienced knitters and crocheters. The compassion and love of knitting and crocheting have been combined into a prayerful ministry which reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace, as well as in celebration and joy through prayer shawls. We welcome all levels of experience from beginner to those wanting to increase their knowledge or to share their expertise with others while experiencing the companionship of a small group. No materials are required. Current members will share their equipment. Meets the first Wednesday of every month at 2 pm in the church Lounge and the third Tuesday of every month at 7 pm also in the Lounge; if scheduling conflicts arise - the Fellowship Room or the conference room. Update: Stitch & Pray has an ample supply of prayer shawls now. Thank you to all who helped with knitting and crocheting. We are now in need of baby blankets for baptisms. Please contact the church office if you can help out. Thank you again!

Monday Tea Time Small Group

This group meets on Mondays at 1:15 pm and continues weekly. This series study will be weekly episodes of Season 1 of the CBS premier "Touched by an Angel." The series begins on a park bench with two angels (Roma Downey and Della Reese) and ends 9 years later in the same place with the same two angels. Every week we will hear the bold and comforting promise that God exists. He loves you and He wants to be part of your life. A message of hope that can change lives. A discussion of life application will follow. Everyone is welcome. Come for a time of inspirational entertainment and fellowship. No cost and no commitment required, just show up at 1:15pm in the Lounge or designated area. Will finish about 3:30pm. Contact the church office with questions.

Bible Study

Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am in the church lounge. A Pastor led discussion for men and women focusing on books of the Bible or select study topics. A time of learning applicable to a wide span of ages and life situations. If interested please contact Pastor Bob - or call the church office - 570-421-6020. All are welcome, just bring your Bible.

Digging Deeper Small Group

Monday evenings at 7:00 pm. Meets in the Conference Room beside Pastor Bob's study.

Make a Difference!

Give to a Mission

A variety of missions are supported in our church. You can make a difference both locally and around the world by giving to these missions. A list of missions we support is posted in the Fellowship Room. You can also suggest a new mission that interests you by providing the name and address of the mission, as well as some details about what this particular mission does. Thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions, please see a member of the Missions Team or call the church office.



This year's Mission Committee Christmas Tree will benefit Street2Feet. Suggested donation items: reflective items (i.e. tape, vests, etc.), travel cups, small first aid kits, small sewing kits (both can be purchased at dollar stores), snack foods (granola bars, trail mix, etc.), beverages (hot chocolate, coffee) and Aldi's gift cards. For a complete list of needed items, please call the church office.

2019 Yard Sale Update - Because of the difficulty we've been experiencing in getting rid of the leftover furniture from this past year's yard sale, we will not be taking any future donations of furniture.

Thank you to everyone who helped with Family Promise guests this past week. All help is appreciated!

Jam is still available for sale - $4.00/jar. Please see a member of Missions after church on Sunday.

Heaven Sent Project

Our church is working closely with Street2Feet Outreach Center in Stroudsburg. As part of "The Heaven Sent Project", and in memory of Ronald Bogart, Sr., Jenny Bogart is asking for individual donations of $20.00 each to sponsor bags that will be filled and delivered to Street2Feet clients. Please see Jenny after church on Sunday if you would like to sponsor a bag. If you won't be in church, please give Jenny a call - 570-421-3511 or email

Mother & Daughter in Need

A mother and daughter in our community are in need of a winter coat and boots. Longer coat size XL, boots size 8 (gently used okay.) If you can help, please let me know. Thank you. Jackie Update: I received one coat this past week.

Oasis of Love - Food Pantry

We are always collecting donations for Oasis of Love, our local food pantry here in Stroudsburg. There is a box for donations in the sanctuary. Thank you to everyone who contributed toward purchasing toys and supermarket gift cards. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by those who received the gifts.
















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