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June 28, 2013

Celebrating 225 Years!


The Stories Behind the Hymns

Join us this Sunday as we continue the sermon series on "The Stories Behind the Hymns." This week we will look at the story behind the hymn, "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing."

Church Trip to Knoebel's 7/13/2013

Two tables have been reserved in the church name at Tent #6 for July 13, 2013. Our church name will be on the tables. A small grill is permitted and gas burners are available to heat food. You can bring an extension cord for crock pots, etc. The park is open from 11 am - 10 pm. Sign up sheets are in the back of the sanctuary. We will carpool from the church parking lot on Ann Street. The drive is approximately 1 1/2 hours so we will probably leave the parking lot at 9:15 am. For pricing information, please visit


Table Project

Table Project is an online church software program that allows church members and friends to sit at a virtual table. One cool feature is that we can post prayer requests on the table and others can respond by praying for the person. When the prayer is prayed, you can indicate that the person has been prayed for on the page and a running count of how many prayers were lifted up! Another feature allows Small Groups to stay connected privately among themselves and only themselves. The leaders of the Small Groups will have the option of opening their Table page to everyone or just those who are members of their Small Group. If the group is private then no one else sees their content. A feature I really like is called Serve. Here we can post the different volunteer needs we have in the church. We can explain in detail what the need is and people can sign up to volunteer for this specific need. Pretty cool, huh? I believe our new Stroudsburg UMC Table Project will be helpful to us on a number of levels to stay connected with one another. Go to this new page and sign up today! Then fill out your profile and start exploring the content we already started. Add some content of your own: prayer requests, volunteer opportunities, etc.


Weekly sermons at SUMC

Do you enjoy listening to the weekly sermons here at SUMC? Would you like to listen to them even when you are on vacation or out of town? Well, we do have all the sermons available for you to listen to and they are typically posted to our church website each Sunday. And if you have an iPod or iPad, you can subscribe to the sermons so they will automatically be downloaded to your device for easy listening! To sign up for the automatic feed, go to our sermon page: and then click on the iTunes logo. This will connect you to our iTunes page where you can listen to the sermons or view them in iTunes where you can sign up for the automatic feed. Share this link with your friends and family members. We hope you enjoy this way of staying connected to our sermons here at SUMC.

We are now live streaming worship at 8:30 am!

Thanks to the efforts of Alex Herrero, Drenen Tucker, and Paul Edinger, we are now live streaming 8:30 worship. This means that when you cannot be here physically for worship due to illness or vacation, you can still worship with us here at Stroudsburg UMC! Here is the link: In an effort to help make live streaming look better, we are asking the 8:30 worshippers to move forward instead of sitting in the back of the church. Your willingness to move forward will help viewers at home see that we actually do have people in worship, instead of them seeing all the empty pews toward the front of the sanctuary. Please help us to enhance this new feature of worship by moving forward and sitting in the front of the sanctuary. This will also leave the prized back seats for our visitors! Thank you for your cooperation.

SUMC Softball

Our next SUMC softball game will be on Monday, July 1 @ 6 pm - Zacharias Pond. Come out and support our team! Stats are posted here:

May Anniversary News

Updated calendar for visiting clergy:

July 14 - Pastor Scott Widmer

July 21 - Reverend Doctor William Ramsden

August 11 - Pastor Mary Jane Price-Kirby

September 21 - Pastor George Rigby

October 6 - Reverend Doctor Milton Hartenstine

December 22 - Bishop Peggy Johnson

Coin Collectors

Do you have a coin collection you don't know the value of but would like to? Please contact Phil Shaffer @ 424-2502. He will be more than happy to assess your collection or give you advice on how to find out the value.

Youth Group Summer Hiking Series

During the summer, the Youth Group will replace their meeting time with a hike on a nearby trail. All are welcome to join us on our hikes. We will meet at the church at 6:45 pm. We will leave the bank parking lot promptly at 7 pm and return to the church at 8 pm. Please contact Vin Zelizo if you have any questions.

Recreational Volleyball

Sign up sheets are in the back of the sanctuary. We are hoping to play twice a month. More details to follow shortly. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Bob or Debra Brickey.

Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School will continue to meet during the summer. Throughout the whole summer, we are studying the "Life and Times of Jesus Christ." This is a chronological study of the life of Christ as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Additionally, all the events of Christ's life are placed in a historical and cultural context. We realize that many people have a lot of travel and vacation plans during the summer, so each lesson is designed as a stand-alone lesson, so feel free to come out for only one or all of the lessons.


SUMC Commemorative Ceramic Tile

Sunday's bulletin will include an order form for the commemorative ceramic tile being sold in honor of our 225th anniversary. The tile is 6"x6" and is in full color. The tiles are $10.00 each. Orders will be collected after church services or can be mailed to Peggy Stewart, 90 Smith Street, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301. Please make checks payable to: Stroudsburg United Methodist Church. Payment is due at the time of ordering and orders are due by this Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Walking Small Group

The Walking Group will meet for our weekly walk at 7:00 pm at the Ann Street parking lot of the church. Weather permitting we will walk every Monday evening throughout the summer. The group will walk about two miles in approximately an hour at a comfortable pace so that everyone can participate in the group. These will not be power or brisk types of walking. We will walk along sidewalks of streets in the Borough of Stroudsburg or along easy trails such as the Brodhead Creek greenway. So get out your favorite pair of walking shoes and come out for some fun, exercise and companionship. For more information, please contact C.J. Penwell at 421-1666.


Small Groups

Do you belong to a Small Group? If not, you really should seriously consider doing so. There are a variety of opportunities available which you can see on our website. You will be able to see a brief description of each Small Group, view when and where they meet, and see if there are openings to join the groups. Check out our active Small Groups and consider joining one of them. Alternatively, do you have a passion or interest? Then maybe you can start a brand new Small Group. Contact JoAnn Calkins or Pastor Bob for more information.


Make a Difference!

Give to a Mission

A variety of missions are supported in our church. You can make a difference both locally and around the world by giving to these missions. A list of missions we support is available in the back of the sanctuary. You can also suggest a new mission that interests you by providing the name and address of the mission, as well as some details about what this particular mission does.

Family Promise - Update

A new church has been trained and is ready to serve families this summer. As of now they plan to take our week in July. We will resume our regular schedule of hosting families in October. Please disregard the paragraph in the July Courier that states we are hosting families in July. Sorry for any confusion.

Church Yard Sale

The Church Yard Sale will be held on Friday, August 16 and Saturday, August 17. Please start bringing in your donations June 30 and put them in the blue room downstairs. We will be needing volunteers to help set up, price items and to help on the days of the sale. If you can help in any of these areas, please contact Alberta Weber, Ruth Weber or any member of the Mission Committee.
























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