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December 28, 2012



Are you ready for the New Year?

Are you ready to welcome in a New Year? Well this Sunday we are going to talk about the hopes, promises, and resolutions that a New Year brings each year. Are you hopeful for the upcoming year? Are you making any promises or resolutions this year? Come to worship on Sunday to consider how you are getting ready to face the New Year emotionally and physically. It will be a great opportunity to do some self-examination and get ready for the upcoming year!


Trip to Koziar's Christmas Village 12/29/2012

As part of his recent appointment as activities coordinator, Jeremy is organizing a trip to Koziar's Christmas Village in Bernville, PA. We will meet in the church parking lot on Ann Street tomorrow, 12/29 at 3 pm and carpool out to Bernville. Koziar's is open from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. Cost: Age 3 and under - Free; 4-10 - $7.00; 11-64 - $9.00; Seniors - $8.00. Free parking. Sign up at the rear of the sanctuary if you are interested or call the church office. For more information about Koziar's, visit the website:


Weekly sermons at SUMC

Do you enjoy listening to the weekly sermons here at SUMC? Would you like to listen to them even when you are on vacation or out of town? Well, we do have all the sermons available for you to listen to and they are typically posted to our church website each Sunday. And if you have an iPod or iPad, you can subscribe to the sermons so they will automatically be downloaded to your device for easy listening! To sign up for the automatic feed, go to our sermon page: and then click on the iTunes logo. This will connect you to our iTunes page where you can listen to the sermons or view them in iTunes where you can sign up for the automatic feed. Share this link with your friends and family members. We hope you enjoy this way of staying connected to our sermons here at SUMC.

Anniversary News

Be sure to read your Sunday bulletin for an article featuring the events coming up in 2013 to celebrate the 225th anniversary of Stroudsburg United Methodist Church. Our first guest preacher will be Cliff Flick, a Stroudsburg native, who will preach here at SUMC on January 13.


Helping Hands Ministry

The Helping Hands Ministry will provide help to those in our church family who find themselves in need for any number of reasons. Some members need a ride to a doctor's visit for a routine checkup. Others need rides to cancer treatments or to hear the results of a serious test. Another person might need some meals prepared for them during a time when they are recovering from surgery. Our desire is to be a good church family who helps each other out. We never know what might happen in life or when we, ourselves, might be in need of some help. Our job is not to pry into an individual's personal life, but to simply help them in a time of need. So, if you are willing to drive a person to an appointment or provide a simple meal for someone, please contact us. By doing these simple things we are, in fact, being the hands and feet of Jesus right here in our community! Please consider helping by getting involved in the Helping Hands Ministry!

Church Volleyball Team

Sign up sheets are in the back of the sanctuary for those interested in joining a church volleyball team. Please note there are two sheets - one for adults 18 and over and one for youth under 18.

We are now live streaming worship at 8:30 am!

Thanks to the efforts of Alex Herrero, Drenen Tucker, and Paul Edinger, we are now live streaming 8:30 worship. This means that when you cannot be here physically for worship due to illness or vacation, you can still worship with us here at Stroudsburg UMC! Here is the link: In an effort to help make live streaming look better, we are asking the 8:30 worshippers to move forward instead of sitting in the back of the church. Your willingness to move forward will help viewers at home see that we actually do have people in worship, instead of them seeing all the empty pews toward the front of the sanctuary. Please help us to enhance this new feature of worship by moving forward and sitting in the front of the sanctuary. This will also leave the prized back seats for our visitors! Thank you for your cooperation.

Daniel's Dream Team

Daniel's Dream Team will be meeting on Sunday, December 30th at 12:30 pm.

United Methodist Night at the Phillies

Saturday, August 17th @ 7 pm. More information to follow. Don't forget: UM Night at the 76ers: March 30, 2013, UM Day at Dorney Park Wildwater Kingdom: June 22, 2013, UMM Rally for Leaders: January 19, 2013 at Albright College.



Small Groups

Do you belong to a Small Group? If not, you really should seriously consider doing so. There are a variety of opportunities available which you can see on our website. You will be able to see brief description of each Small Group, view when and where they meet, and see if there are openings to join the groups. Check out our active Small Groups and consider joining one of them. Alternatively, do you have a passion or interest? Then maybe you can start a brand new Small Group. Contact JoAnn Calkins or Pastor Bob for more information.

Digging Deeper Small Group

The Digging Deeper Small Group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. This Small Group exists to dig deeper into our faith and grow spiritually. We do this through study, sharing our stories and experiences with each other, and hold each other up in love and mutual accountability. You can join this Small Group by emailing the leader, Pastor Bob, or calling the church office.

New Activities Coordinator!

Jeremy Stoeckel is our new Activities Coordinator here at Stroudsburg UMC! Jeremy is involved in the life of the church in many ways and volunteers a great deal of time with us. Jeremy wants to volunteer more of his time to be in charge of organizing some future church activities. These activities will include members and friends of the church from children to adults. Some of the ideas we are brainstorming are: Bingo, trips to various theaters, a trip to Koziar's Christmas Village in Bernville, PA, Craft night, ice cream social, bowling. If you have additional ideas for future church activities or if you are willing to help in this area, please speak with Jeremy.

Youth Group Winter Update

One of the biggest events of the year, the 30 Hour Famine, will take place on February 22nd through the 23rd. Most of our efforts after Christmas will be to prepare for that experience. Further along on the horizon is our Mission Trip. This year we are heading to Rutland, VT on July 21 through 26. Stay tuned for more details about the mission trip. These are just a few of our winter activities. More will be added in the weeks ahead. As always we would like to thank everyone who has helped with our past events. We appreciate the support!

Missions Committee

Our Missions Committee is in need of more volunteer members. If you are interested, please contact Alberta Weber. Thank you.

2013 Giving Envelopes

Giving envelopes for 2013 are now available in the Fellowship Room. Please pick up your envelopes after church this Sunday and if you can, deliver a box to a friend or neighbor who is unable to come to church. Thank you!

2013 Calendars are now up at SUMC

The 2013 Altar Flower Chart and the Church event calendar are now up. Please consider placing flowers on the altar in memory of or in honor of a loved one or special event. Please make sure your small groups, meetings, events are listed on the main church calendar so they are included in the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter and on the calendar online. Thank you!


Make a Difference!

Give to a Mission

A variety of missions are supported in our church. You can make a difference both locally and around the world by giving to these missions. A list of missions we support is available in the back of the sanctuary. You can also suggest a new mission that interests you by providing the name and address of the mission, as well as some details about what this particular mission does.

Helping Hands Ministry

Cathy Doane has started a new ministry at SUMC. The Helping Hands Ministry exists to utilize our God-given gifts and talents to assist members of the body of Christ. We grow together in Christ's love by helping each other and just by being there for each other in times of need. The areas of service where help is needed are: making meals, grocery shopping, phone calls, visitation, prayer, transportation, light housekeeping and emergency response. If you are willing to serve in any of these areas, please contact Cathy Doane or the church office. Thank you!

Fundraising Campaign for New Tables & Chairs

Our custodian, Matt Parton has started a fundraising campaign to raise money for new tables and chairs here at SUMC. Our goal is $5,000. You can make a check payable to SUMC and place it in the offering plate on Sunday marked for the fundraiser or you can donate online: We have already raised $945.00!

SUMC Members Donated More Than $780 to UMCOR

Our church members has donated more than $780 to UMCOR to assist in hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Thank you to all who are supporting relief efforts to those in need.

Message from Bob Simcox, Emergency Response Team Coordinator, in regard to volunteer response to Hurricane Sandy:

Pennsylvania Response - December 15-16 Volunteer weekend. Volunteers are needed for tree clean up in Bucks and Montgomery County areas. Clearing ground areas only. The focus for this weekend is not any kind of home repairs. 13 residents have needs to remove tree debris. Please register by filling out the Volunteer link: (Please copy and paste the link into your browser). The Volunteer medical information form is to be filled out. You can print it out and bring along with you to the site or enter the information into the system. (Please copy and paste the link into your browser) If you have questions, please contact Bob Simcox by email - or cell phone: 484-653-9916.


























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